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Top 5 Home Staging Mistakes

Thinking of selling your home? Maybe the time has finally arrived to pack up and move into that dream neighborhood you've been envisioning for years; or maybe you're ready to downsize. Either way, it's time to sell your home.

First things first, it's time to get ready to sell. Before you get those picture perfect photos to capture your home, make sure it's staged to sell. These photos will most likely be all potential buyer's first impression of your home - and first impressions matter!

Remember these 5 staging mistakes to avoid.


Like pictures, the front of your home is another first impression. Aside from getting the yard and landscaping in tip-top shape, make sure to pay attention to the smaller details. Power wash any debris from the roof or driveway and any algae or moss from siding. If it's springtime or summer, get some fresh flower pots on your porch accompanied with a fresh "Welcome" mat and wreath on the door. The idea is to create a home that will make buyers say, "Wow. I want to live here." Make sure to ditch any seasonal decorations as they might not be timely in photos online.


You might have all the best intentions to deep clean your home in preparation for putting your home on the market. While the positivity is appreciated, save yourself the hassle and hire a professional cleaning company. You'll be thankful for the stress-free, sparkling outcome! They'll not only get the job done, but make your home smell fresh and clean as well; perfect for that first showing. Get all the natural light you possibly can in the room and use a houseplant to show off how plants thrive in all that light!


Remember, the main goal of staging is to make someone envision themselves living there. To do this, you need to make the house as neutral as possible. Ditch any wild wall colors and bring them back to neutral.


Speaking to the last point, it will be hard for a potential buyer to think of it as "their home" if every corner they turn has a photo of a family member. Too many personal items can be distracting for strangers touring your home. Think of this as an opportunity to get a jump start on packing and get the personal items, excess furniture, and clutter out before you open those doors.


We get it. Sometimes that formal dining room needs to function as a play room. However your home needed to work for you is perfectly fine! But now this will be someone else's home. Let a dining room be a dining room. Don't have enough furniture to complete the space? Don't panic. Your real estate agent can help buyers navigate the space with a virtual staging app.

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