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Preparing your Home to Sell during the Fall

The fall season tends to come with colder temperatures, darker days and minimal real estate activity. People often think that selling your home during the fall does more harm than good, but this is a perfect time for motivated buyers to start their search. If you’re contemplating on selling your home during autumn, here are a few helpful tips to get started:


When prepping your home to go on the market, curb appeal should be a top priority. Make sure any dead leaves are raked, gardens are well-maintained and your front door and porch looks polished and presentable. Fall can bring dead plants and trees, but planting autumn-friendly flowers like marigolds and chrysanthemums will brighten your yard up.


While you may have the urge to decorate your home for fall festivities, it’s actually better to stick with neutral tones and décor. You can still have seasonal decorations, just opt for ones that make your home look cozier and inviting. Stay away from large, colorful Halloween-type decorations when showing time comes around.


As days get shorter, less natural light will enter your home. Utilize every opportunity for light within your home is essential, that means turning on lamps, opening blinds, cleaning windows and pushing back drapes. For especially darker rooms, make sure you have well-lit lamps to brighten up the room. The color of a room can determine the lighting situation; painting rooms bright, neutral colors help liven it up and reflect more natural light.


Turning on your gas or electric fireplace during a showing can add a warm, cozy feel for your potential buyers. Just make sure that it’s been tidied up and is working properly to avoid any mishaps come closing time.


Staging your home as an inviting, conversational space is important to make the most of your open house. Remove any unnecessary furniture or décor and create a seating arrangement that encourages face-to-face conversation.

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