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Dive In | 2019-2020 Waterfront Report

The beautiful landscapes of the Pacific Northwest aren’t complete without our water views. From in-city waterfronts along our lakes and the majesty of the Puget Sound, to island living and vistas along Washington’s scenic port towns, there’s nothing like finding a piece of shoreline to call your own.

Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty exhibits 15 months of waterfront sales, from January 2019 through March 2020 across five subregions in Western Washington to provide our clients with the information they need before dipping their toe into the market. These geographic profiles have been designed to thoroughly understand and communicate waterfront selling activity in the markets we serve.

In this edition of the 2020 waterfront report, we provide a comprehensive survey of waterfront transactions from January 2019 through March 2020 of 14 areas across western Washington State.

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