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Supporting Local Businesses this Holiday Season

My favorite places to shop locally for the holidays!

Let’s all support our locally owned small business this year. Here is a list of great Seattle owned small businesses that provide excellent goods and services at a fair price. Feel free to let me know your favorite locally owned places to shop and eat in the comments section.

Glazers Camera Store

Years ago I went into Glazers prepared to spend $1,800 on a very specialized lenses. The knowledgeable salesman asked me what I needed the lens for and then recommended a different lens that would suit my needs better and costs only $600. Total pros.

Madison Books.

Great selection and the owners make wonderful recommendations. Please support your neighborhood bookstore.

Peter Miller Books

Peter specialize in books about design and architecture. Ask for a recommendation and Peter won’t let you down. He also sells a very stylish selection of carefully curated gifts that will please even the most discerning design aficionados.

Salua Lingerie

Guys, trust me on this one, buy your lady lingerie at Salua. It is really beautiful and classy and the gal who owns Salua will give you good advice.


Not exactly a small business but they are locally based and have been stalwart supporters of the greater Seattle area for decades. Go downtown and do a little in-person shopping. They will help you and your loved ones look snappy in 2021.


We all know that Covid has hit the restaurant industry hard. Buy gift certificates that can be used for take-out or later in the year to dine in. Here are some of my favorites.


Mamnoon serves a modern union of middle eastern cuisine. The food is tasty, nutritious and fairly priced. The restaurant itself has a super cool contemporary vibe designed by Eric Cobb (E. Cobb Architects). It is owned by Wassef and Racha Haroun who have enmeshed themselves in the civic and social fabric of Seattle with unbridled optimism.

Tilikum Place Café

The owner and chef, Ba Culbert, is a high school classmate. The restaurant has a really welcoming feel and all the dishes are wonderful. Try hand-cut pasta with butter and hazelnuts. Amazing.


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